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USPS Tracking: How To Track A Package

Today, I am going to simplify your task of USPS Tracking online. I know that you are pretty eager to tack the status of USPS courier. And that’s the reason I have come up with the best way to track USPS @ But before that, let me tell you few things about USPS which I bet you never knew! ๐Ÿ˜€

USPS (United States Postal Service) is a service that caters to all the requirements of postal services in the United States. The agency is authorized under US constitution and operates under government regulations. USPS was first created in 1971 by US government and since they have been rated as one of the largest operators of the vehicle fleet in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

Before you track USPS parcel, there’s some information for you to be read! I have completely provided the list of services provided by USPS, locations, hours of working, contact number, support email ID and lots more. I am sure you would find it useful while tracking your USPS parcel or courier.

usps tracking number

United States Postal Services

USPS services vary depending on the delivery time and faster services availed by customers. Some of the services offered by USPS are mentioned below.

#1 Priority Mail Express Service: This service ensures delivering of domestic consignment within overnight to most of the registered locations. It is open for delivering 7 days a week and is considered to be the fastest domestic delivery of the consignment.

#2 Priority Mail: In USPS priority mail service, the package is delivered within 1-3 business days depending on the weight of package sent. The price of this service starts at $6.45 and is available at different locations online.

#3 First-Class Mail: Affordable service is available for delivering standard size single piece envelope that weight around 3.5 oz. In this service, the item is delivered within 3 days and costs around $0.47. ๐Ÿ˜€

#4 USPS Retail Ground (formerly Standard Post): It is a standard post in which delivery is not urgent. Packages in this delivery form can be oversized and might cost starting from $6.75 depending on weight.

#5 Media Mail: It is one of the most cost-effective ways of transfer of goods with restrictions on type of item transferred. It is usually a convenient option to send educational materials at low cost.

So these are some of the core services provided by the USPS tracking company. Now let’s see how the company originated and what the customer base is at present. Later, I will be showing you the contact details, email address, hours of operation, holidays and most importantly how to do USPS tracking online. But before that here’s something about UPS Tracking, history and customer base of USPS. ๐Ÿ˜›

USPS Tracking History

History of USPS tracking is rooted since more than 231 years when the first postal service was established. USPS has delivered millions of consignment for many years. It has now a transformed system which is capable of serving the larger customer base.  With its flawless services, it has managed to become one of the most trusted and used a brand in the US and is the second oldest government agencies in the US.

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USPS Customer Base

As per the data available until February 2016, USPS has over 617,254 active employees (WOW!!!) and operates 211,264 vehicles. With the increase in operations and popularity of the company, it can be foreseen that company is going to grow both in terms of resources and vehicles.

USPS Hours of Operation

USPS hours of operation may vary as per location of operation. Usually, the official business hours of USPS are from 9 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Saturday. The time may vary by one or two hours depending on the location of operation. It is important to note that USPS office is closed on Sundays and on public holidays mentioned on the official website of USPS which is

USPS Locations

USPS tracking operates from different locations of US. In order to find offices of USPS, you can simply visit this link and then enter the type of locations you are looking for. You can also enter the name of city or zip code. One can even get more details of nearby locations by visiting ORANGE ST, RIVERSIDE CA. Other self-service kiosks are also present at Chicago, Moreno, Riverside CA, orange ST etc.

If you are having a consignment or package sent or delivered via USPS tracking, it is important to get it tracked so that you can know the whereabouts of your package and time of delivery. With the help of door to door USPS tracking system, your package will be tracked with 11 scans, which can help you ensure that your consignment is safe and secure at all points.

Customers also have the option of providing specific delivery details when you are not at home so that USPS packages can be delivered on time.It is important to keep a receipt of USPS tracking number that contains label number at the bottom of the form, which will help you track the package.

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Track USPS Online @

There are a number of digits and prรฉcised format of USPS tracking information which is present in the form of shipment. One can steps mentioned below to perform USPS tracking online.

usps hold mail

USPS tracking can be performed by visiting this link
Enter the name of label or consignment.
Click on Track and the shipment details would be presented on screen.
In order to track USPS or receive notifications/alerts on phone then you can use a tracking number 28777 and check the status of your package. Data rates and standard message costs may apply by your telecom vendor. For getting more details and information about your package, you can always upgrade to My USPS at no cost.

USPS tracking shipment can also be done via a trackable form of shipment. Some of the trackings require a wait for 7 days while bigger shipment may take more than 15 days to track. There are few rules associated with USPS tracking.

First class and media mail shipments don’t involve automatic tracking system and need to be requested by the sender. It may involve an additional charge for tracking.
Other expensive forms of shipping such as priority mail include a tracking system.
Not all tracking systems are same, as more detailed information is available with an expensive form of shipping method. You can also check the shipping charges by using USPS shipping calculator within a fraction of seconds!
USPS International Tracking

The international USPS tracking is no different from the above given process. There’s a single in change in the overall procedure. A detailed guide on USPS international tracking is given here! Go through the guide and you will get to know how to perform USPS tracking for international mails in the US and outside the United States!

So this was all about USPS Tracking. Now if you got any queries or complaints, you can simply contact the customer care by taking a note of USPS contact numbers given below. We have also provided few USPS email IDs where you can email the suggestion or complaints directly to the officials! So let’s start with USPS contact number and then will give you details on USPS Email Address!